Advanced Lithium-ion Battery
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Engineered Power to Meet Your Needs

Batteries need to be more powerful, provide more energy, be lighter weight, last longer and operate safely to meet the demands of today’s new and improved products and applications. Not an easy task for today’s product developers!

At Beckett Energy Systems, we’ve harnessed the best of today’s advanced energy technologies to meet the energy, power, and storage requirements that emerging and innovative products need.  Our lithium-ion battery products are versatile and easily scalable to meet a wide range of markets and applications.  Because we have already engineered, qualified, and certified our products, you can achieve lower development costs and speed up your time to market versus custom designed packs.  As part of the R. W. Beckett family of companies, you can have peace of mind that you are dealing with a company that values quality, safety, reliability, and the customer.

Investigate our advanced energy storage and battery technology products by clicking through our highly scalable 24Vdc lithium-ion battery module and external battery management systems (BMS), and our single module stand-alone energy system with internal BMS.

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