24Vdc Lithium Ion Battery

Product Overview

BeckettEnergyBattery_Jul14Beckett Energy’s 24Vdc, 1.1kWh (42Ah) lithium-ion battery module (Model 8224S) is an advanced battery building block for a wide range of energy storage and power applications. Beckett’s standard lithium-ion battery design can save your company hundreds of thousands of dollars and months of development time. Specifically designed for higher voltage and capacity applications.



Lithium-ion Features and BenefitsModel 8224S lithium ion modules in application

  • Highest energy density and lightest weight of any large format lithium ion battery (1.1kWh capacity in 17.5lbs)
  • Configurable for energy storage systems from 24Vdc to 500Vdc and 1kWh to 100kWh capacity
  • Very high cycle life – over 3650 cycles
  • Installation flexibility Beckett’s lithium ion batteries can be oriented on any axis, stacked, rack mounted or placed in drawers
  • Integrated electronics ensure safe operation and provide cell monitoring, protection and balancing
  • Fast charge, long life and extreme temperature advantages of lithium-ion technology
  • Front terminal power and communication connections
  • To be used with Beckett Energy designed and developed Battery Management System / Controller

Lithium-ion Battery Safety

Safety is part of Beckett Energy’s DNA. Our industry-leading safety precautions include:

  • Cell selection that includes construction, fail-safe attributes in extreme conditions and regulatory compliance
  • Module is designed with protective internal electronics, fuse protection, and passive cooling
  • Extensive product testing and quality control measures for large format lithium ion batteries
  • UN38.3 shipping compliance and CE marked

Modes of Operation

For use with Beckett Battery Management System / Controller Model 84BMS.  See also Installation and Operating Manual in literature tab.

Sleep Conserve energy of the module when not in operation,
shipping or in storage
Discharge / Standby Commanded by the BMS
Charge Commanded by the BMS
Fault Temperature, voltage, communication or hardware faults


Why Beckett?

Beckett’s experienced team of experts will work with you to demonstrate the value that the 24Vdc Lithium ion battery module can bring to your application. See also Beckett’s Stand-Alone Lithium-ion Energy System for use in single module 24Vdc applications.

Read our white paper about How to build a large lithium-ion battery pack for commercialization.

See our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to common questions about our advanced energy products.

Tell us about your application as Beckett’s experienced team of experts will work closely with you.

Visit our case studies to see how we’ve worked with customers on their solutions.


Technical Specification Value
Nominal Voltage 24Vdc
Maximum Energy Storage Capacity (100% DOD) 1.1kWh / 42.4Ah
Available Energy Storage Capacity (88% DOD) 950Wh / 37.3Ah
Gravimetric Energy Density – finished module 135Wh/kg
Volumetric Energy Density – finished module 153Wh/l
Voltage Range 21.0 – 28.7Vdc
Continuous Discharge Current 25.0Adc recommended
50.0Adc maximum
Maximum Continuous Charge Current 21.2Adc
Fuse Protection 100A internal
Cell Balancing Passive resistive – automatic
Dimensions(W X D X H) 8.25 X 23.65 X 2.19 in
210 X 600 X 56 mm
Weight 17.5 lb
8.0 kg
Cycle Life
(25 C and 80% DOD)
(0.5C Charge and 0.5C Discharge Recommended)
Operating Temperature -20 to +60 degrees C charge
-40 to +60 degrees C discharge
Storage Temperature -40 to +60 degrees C
Storage Life @25 degrees C 18 months from 50%SOC to 25%SOC
Communication Ports CAN 2.0b to BMS
Communication Message Sets State of Charge (SOC)
Condition Status and Alarms
Sleep / Wake Up Commands
Serial Identification
Compliance Standards Cell: UL1642, UN38.3,
IEC 62133
Module: UN38.3, CE marked
Shipping UN 3480