Engineered Power for Research and Exploration

Supplying Power Over, On and Under the Sea

powering-mannedAdvanced energy is making significant inroads into the maritime industry. Many vessels, from ferries to tugs to submersibles, are exploring the use of advanced battery systems. Beckett’s lithium-ion battery packs offer many benefits to the many segments of the Maritime Industry.

Manned Submersibles

Manned submersibles can benefit from longer mission life due to increased capacity, lighter weight to increase on-board payload, and a maintenance free operation.

Autonomous Underwater and Surface Vehicles

AUVs and USVs can benefit from longer operating times, fast recharge time and lighter weight.

Remotely Operated Vehicles

While the majority of the ROV fleet are tethered vehicles, the advent of the hybrid ROV, as well as the need to power ever sophisticated equipment on the ROV opens a window for the scalability, high capacity and compactness of Beckett’s advanced lithium-ion batteries.

Oil and Gas Industry

High energy capacity, light weight and “set it and forget it” reliability make Beckett’s large format li-ion battery module ideal for everything from critical component back up to emergency lighting.

Buoy Systems, Electric and Hybrid Vessels and Port Handling Equipment


Beckett’s advanced lithium-ion battery solutions, either the 24 Vdc lithium ion battery or the stand-alone single module energy system are a flexible solutions for many maritime applications. They feature:

  • The highest energy density, lightest weight lithium battery module on the market today
    – Smaller footprint
    – More payload
  • Long life and maintenance free performance
  • Wide range of operating temperatures (-20°C to +60°C)

Beckett Energy invests time with you on your development cycle to size and optimize your electric power solution. Contact us today to take advantage of the knowledge and experience of the Beckett team.

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