Engineered Power for the Long Haul

Delivering Idle-time Power that Goes the Distance

Lithium Battery Power for Auxiliary Power UnitsLong-haul truckers, who need a source of power during mandated rest periods, rely on auxiliary power units (APUs) to power the hotel comforts of their cabs. Although lead acid batteries and diesel generators currently power most APUs, manufacturers have been turning to lithium batteries like the Beckett 24Vdc lithium ion battery module to decrease system weight, increase operating time, reduce maintenance, and lower fuel cost.

A Beckett Energy lithium battery-powered APU offers:

  • Significant weight reduction, up to 75% reduction vs. Pb-acid batteries
  • Increased cycle life and longer operating time between charges as a lead acid battery substitute
  • Fuel cost savings and reduced maintenance vs. APU generators
  • Advanced battery management system that can integrate into your APU control system