Battery Management System / Controller

Product Overview

BMS/ControllerBattery Management System / Controller (model 84BMS or model 84BMSR – CE marked) for Beckett Energy Systems’ 24Vdc lithium-ion Battery Module (Model 8224S)

Advanced battery technologies, such as lithium-ion require battery management systems to ensure operational safety and maximize performance of the battery pack.  Beckett Energy’s Battery Management System / Controller is designed to optimize the performance and versatility of Beckett;s 24Vdc lithium-ion battery module, as well as provide communication and control functions.

Don’t burden your battery solution with multiple BMS placed within each battery module.  Take advantage of the scalability and flexibility of Beckett’s advanced technology batteries with Beckett’s external Battery Management System / Controller.  A single model 84BMS or 84BMSR will manage and control up to 100 Beckett modules in parallel only, series only, or combination of parallel/series configurations.  See also Installation and Operating Manual in literature tab.


The Battery Management System ensures safety and long life performance of the Beckett Model 8224S lithium ion battery module.  The Beckett designed BMS is the top tier of a multilevel safety approach for Beckett’s advanced lithium-ion battery solutions.  Read more about our approach to lithium-ion safety here.

Battery Management System Features and Benefits


Beckett Battery Interface

  • Battery Management System for Beckett lithium-ion battery modules; manage up to 100 modules, from 24Vdc to 500Vdc and 1 to 100kWh capacity with a single model 84BMS or 84BMSR
  • Voltage, temperature, and current measurement and control to ensure the safety and long life performance of the battery pack
  • State of Charge (SOC), operational status and full alarm status indicators
  • Auto sleep function to put battery modules to sleep when not in use
  • Built in self-balancing algorithms to maintain battery pack balance and optimize the charging function
  • Configurable digital and analog I/O
  • Communication flexibility with a variety of communication ports
  • Firmware revision update capability
  • Additional safety features
    – Ability to disconnect battery pack through contactor control
    – Self-healing – abnormal conditions “clear” without intervention when condition subsides
  • Model 84BMSR – CE marked

The Battery Management System has factory parameter settings which are agreed upon with our customers for their application.  To provide development flexibility, a software application tool is available to fine tune our lithium-ion battery solution for optimal performance in your product.

Read our white paper about How to build a large lithium-ion battery pack for commercialization.

See our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to common questions about our advanced energy products.

Tell us about your application as Beckett’s experienced team of experts will work closely with you.


Technical Specification Value
Communication Ports and Protocol CAN 2.0b internally to modules
Serial data / ASCII 9600bps externally through RS 232 port
Display and Data Capture Output to Graphical User Interface (GUI) for set up and monitoring
Input Power 12 to 60Vdc
Power Consumption 2.0 W
I/O 4 High Power Output Drivers with feedback; 60Vdc Max, 2Adc Max
6 Low Power Output Drivers without feedback; 5Vdc, 20mAdc
Dimensions(W X D X H) 9.0 X 3.0 X 1.25 in
229 X 76 X 32 mm
Weight 6 oz
Operating Temperature -40 to +60 degrees C
Storage Temperature -40 to +85 degrees C
Design Requirement Guidelines IEC 60812, UL1998
Compliance Standards Model 84BMSR – CE marked