Advanced Energy Lithium-ion Battery Solutions

Whether you are seeking advanced technology batteries, or an improvement to your existing power supply, Beckett Energy manufactures lithium-ion battery solutions for a broad array of applications, and backs them up with outstanding application support as well as our 80-year-old reputation for quality and reliability.

Utilizing Beckett’s standard, 24Vdc lithium-ion module as a building block together with Beckett’s designed battery management system, you can create advanced battery solutions from 24Vdc to 500Vdc and 1kWh to 100kWh of capacity.  And being commercially approved and off-the-shelf, our advanced energy products can save you tens of thousands of dollars and greatly accelerate your time to market versus the design and development of a custom battery pack.

Our advanced energy battery modules, both stand-alone and scalable battery modules, provide a blend of high power and high energy in a compact, lightweight design.  And both modules are tested to over 3650 cycles (10 years of life if cycled daily).  The battery management system (BMS) hardware and software ensures safe performance of the battery pack.

All Beckett Energy products have been extensively tested and are compliant with UN38.3 shipping regulations and European Union directives.

Advanced Technology Batteries

Model 8224S Scalable 24Vdc Lithium-ion Battery Module 

Beckett’s 24Vdc lithium-ion large-format battery module designed for higher voltage and capacity applications. This is the highest energy density, lightest weight lithium-ion battery module in the market, offering 1.1kWh (42.4Ah) capacity in only 17.5 lbs. For use with Beckett’s Model 84BMS battery management system / controller. Read more about our 24Vdc lithium ion battery.

Model 8124S Stand-Alone Lithium-ion Energy System

Beckett’s newest lithium-ion battery for 24Vdc, single module applications. Beckett places the battery management system / controller and communications inside the module for a complete, independent storage system.  Ideal for robotics and autonomous 24V vehicles requiring less than 1000Wh capacity.  Read more about our stand-alone energy system.

Battery Management System

Model 84BMS Battery Management System / Controller

Designed to optimize the performance of Beckett’s 24Vdc lithium ion module while ensuring safety and long battery life.  Our battery management system and controller can manage series, parallel or a combination of series/parallel battery strings.  Because the BMS is external to the module, a single BMS can manage and control up to 100 Beckett modules.  Read more about our battery management system / controller.

Read our white paper about How to build a large lithium-ion battery pack for commercialization.

See our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to common questions about our advanced energy products.

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