Engineered Power for Peak Shaving and Demand Reduction

Maximizing Savings with Renewable Integration

comm-industrial-sideCommercial and Industrial (C&I) energy managers have much to consider when looking for ways to save on electricity expenses.

  • What is my peak power usage at each facility?
  • What are my time-of-use options?
  • Do I have renewable energy assets to integrate or consider?
  • What are my backup power needs?
  • What energy programs to Utilities or Independent providers offer?

Common in the answer for each of these questions is a customer-side-of-the-meter energy storage solution. Beckett Energy Systems offers scalable lithium-ion battery packs featuring our model 8224S lithium-ion battery module and model 84BMS battery management system for:

  • Peak shaving
  • Time–of-use energy savings
  • Backup power for critical loads
  • Renewable energy integration options

Restationary-storagesidential customers can also benefit from adding energy storage to their renewable energy assets for:

  • Peak shaving
  • Time–of-use energy savings
  • Backup power