How to Build a Large Lithium-Ion Battery Pack for Commercialization

Learn how to build a large Lithium-Ion battery pack for commercialization–one that performs reliably, effectively, and safely.

To build a large lithium-ion battery pack that is appropriate for commercialization, you will want to partner with a qualified manufacturer. Your manufacturer will want detailed answers to a number of questions in order to understand the battery requirements for your application, and ensure the battery pack meets your needs.

We have developed a white paper to help product development engineers and product managers work through these questions.

Download the White Paper.

Topics included in the white paper:

  • Key information about the load you are trying to power
  • The charging system for your product
  • The environment your product will operate in
  • Spatial and weight limitations on your product
  • Life cycle requirements for your product

Plus, you’ll learn about:

  • The attractiveness of a custom solution through a standard battery module building block vs. a custom designed battery.
  • Safety regulations that, if ignored, can prove disastrous for your product.
  • Important elements in understanding the total cost of ownership.
  • The deal-breaker item you should ask for in assessing the safety of your battery manufacturer.
  • What you should look for in a battery management system.
  • How Beckett can help make the commercialization process simpler, faster and less expensive for your company.

When you finish reading this paper you will understand what it takes to bring a safe Lithium-Ion battery to market. And you’ll be prepared to work with a manufacturer on developing the battery pack.

Ready to learn about building a large Lithium-Ion battery pack for commercialization?
Download the white paper now.

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