Engineered Power for a Sustainable Environment

The Ideal Mix of Stability and Flexibility

Engineered Power for a Sustainable EnvironmentIndustry studies estimate that micro grids will grow to $17B by 2017. Fueling this demand are developing countries, the military, remote locations, emergency response equipment and unreliable power supplies. An appealing subset of this market is the hybrid energy storage system, which supplies power alternately through generators and battery systems, sometimes with an option of a renewable source. These systems save significant fuel costs by maximizing run time efficiencies of generators while alternating with battery capacity.

Hybrid micro grid systems must be easily transported, work in a variety of climates/conditions, and have high energy density, making Beckett Energy’s lithium-ion battery module and battery management / control system an attractive option. Beckett offers:

  • High energy density in a compact module design; 1.1kWh of capacity weighing 17.5 lbs.
  • Configurable design for voltage requirements from 24Vdc to 500Vdc
  • Integrated electronics and battery management system for voltage, temperature and current measurement and protection to assure safe operation and battery pack balancing