Readily Available Advanced Energy Storage Solutions

Beckett Energy Systems serves existing industrial markets as well as emerging markets looking to take advantage of advanced battery technologies featuring lithium ion energy storage solutions. Beckett’s ready and available products provide “out-of-the-box” operability to your electric power challenges.

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Advanced battery technology is making inroads in the maritime industry from powering autonomous underwater and surface vehicles to manned vessels on or under the sea to providing backup power for offshore mission critical components with light weight, extended life lithium-ion battery solutions.

Beckett 24 Vdc Li ion module in Maritime application.


Robotics and Specialized Vehicles

Beckett’s lightest weight, highest density lithium-ion battery modules save development teams the time and significant expense of a customized battery pack for their power needs.

Powering Profit in the Outdoor Recreational Industry
Beckett Energy 24Vdc Lithium-ion Module in a Motive Robot Application.


Material Handling Equipment

Advanced lithium ion batteries for material handling equipment are lightweight, long-life systems that maximize uptime and provide fast charging while requiring little to no maintenance.

Material Handling Equipment

Auxiliary Power Units

Beckett Energy offers the weight and space reduction of advanced lithium ion battery technology paired with an integrated battery management system and control for the trucking industry.

Auxilary Power Units

Stationary Energy Storage Systems

For systems integrators looking for advanced battery technologies to reduce demand charges, shave energy consumption peaks, or provide storage for renewable energy sources.  Beckett’s lithium-ion battery solutions are scalable for Commercial & Industrial and Residential energy storage.

Commercial & Industrial Energy Storage Systems

Hybridized Micro Grids

Micro grids are appealing solutions for emergency power and unreliable power supplies. A hybrid system of Beckett’s advanced lithium ion battery technology with a genset and/or renewable energy sources will maximize operating time and provide stable power.


Engineered Power Where and When you Need it
Beckett Energy 24Vdc Lithium-ion Module in Hybrid Micro Grid application

Hybridized Micro Grids

Mission Critical Power

Beckett’s advanced lithium-ion battery solutions provide reliable primary and stand-by power for critical components, especially where service and maintenance costs are difficult and high, and run time support is lengthy.