Engineered Power for Reliable Performance

Maintaining Mission Critical Power

lithium-ion mission-critical

Primary and backup power mission critical applications can depend on Beckett’s advanced lithium-ion battery modules and battery management systems.  Especially when the cost of service and maintenance is high, run time support can be measured in days, and ensuring power is paramount.

Whether your application is stationary or mobile, whether your application is nuclear power operations, early warning systems, or life support systems, to telecommunications, cable/broadband, wireless networks, or data centers, to film and sound recording equipment, sensors for seismic, weather and atmospheric monitoring to more common traffic and rail-road crossing lights, Beckett’s advanced technology battery solutions provide reliable primary and stand-by power.

Beckett Energy offers  multi-module lithium-ion battery packs with battery management systems, or single module stand-alone solutions that provide positive return-on-investment (ROI):

  • Up to 3 to 4 times the run time vs Pb-acid batteries within the same footprint
  • Up to 1/5th the weight of lead-acid batteries
  • Exceedingly long life “set it and forget it” energy storage often outlasting the life of the equipment
  • Reliability in extreme low and high temperature conditions
  • Faster charging capabilities than conventional batteries
  • Remote monitoring capability: State of Charge, fault alerts, battery health

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