Powering Manned Submersible to New Depths

Beckett Energy 24Vdc Lithium-ion Module in Maritime Application

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Nuytco Research Ltd. is a world leader in the development and operation of undersea technology. The company approached Beckett Energy for a Li-ion battery pack to power a newly designed manned submersible vehicle.  Nuytco was attracted to the high energy density and light weight of lithium-ion battery solutions, but had constraints in that the system had to fit within the pressurized battery pods (two per vessel) already developed for deep dive (1000m) vessels, and wished to avoid the time and expense to develop a customized battery pack.

Beckett Energy worked with Nuytco to size a system that would meet their power and dimensional needs. Additionally, Beckett’s technical team helped integrate the Battery Management System (BMS) / Controller into the submersible’s existing control platform.

Problem Statement

  • Lower weight of battery pack to provide more payload
  • Provide a proven battery system to allow Nuytco R&D team to focus on the vessel’s key propulsion and mechanical systems
  • Extend mission time

  • 10 – Beckett 24Vdc Li-ion modules (pn 8224S) per pod to match voltage range and desired capacity requirements
  • One (1) Beckett BMS / Controller (pn 84BMS) per pod to control and monitor battery pack and provide feedback to operator through central control


  • Exceeded Nuytco’s aggressive weight reduction goal allowing Nuytco engineers to maximize features on the vehicle
  • The flexibility and energy density of the battery module allows each pod to act as its own power plant, thereby extending mission time for the vessel and providing a redundant supply
  • Safely achieved performance at wide temperature ranges from arctic to tropical sea applications
  • Saved Nuytco’s research and development team several months and significant non-recurring engineering costs in not having to develop a custom battery solution or redesign their battery pods

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