Stand-Alone Lithium-ion Energy System Model 8124S

Product Overview

8124S Stand Alone Module_8_14

Beckett Energy’s stand-alone lithium-ion energy system (Model 8124S) places the battery management system (BMS) inside the battery module for a complete, independent storage system for 24Vdc, single module applications. Perfect for applications where size and weight reduction and long life matter, yet the higher capacity of large format batteries is required:

  • Robotics – Drones, Material Handling, Recreational
  • Maritime – Autonomous Underwater (or Surface) Vehicles, Buoy Systems
  • Back up and Primary Power for Critical Components – Emergency Lighting, Traffic Signal and Messaging, Safety and Test Sensor Operation

Lithium-ion Features and Benefits

  • 1.1 kWh / 42.4 Ah maximum capacity for high-energy and long duration applications
  • Built in battery management system (no external BMS required) for self-monitoring, safety and maximizing life of the battery:
    – Measurement of temperature, voltage and current
    – Fault indication and external contactor control
    – Internal cell balancing algorithmsModel 8124S lithium ion battery module in application
  • High energy density in a compact 17.5 lb module
  • Very high cycle life – over 3650 cycles
  • Serial communication to provide data stream to higher level control (if present)
  • If no higher level control, Visible LED State of Charge and Fault indication
  • Front terminal power and communication connections for ease of installation
  • Versatility of mounting options and orientation to fit into desired enclosure space
  • UN 38.3 shipping compliance for shipping anywhere by any means
  • CE marked

Modes of Operation

BMS internal to the Stand-Alone Battery Module.  See also Installation and Operating Manual in literature tab.

 Wake / Sleep External manual switch to wake and sleep module
to conserve energy when not in use
Discharge Under voltage and discharge over current protection;
disconnect via external contactor control
Charge Over voltage and charge over current protection;
disconnect via external contactor control
Fault Temperature, voltage, and current faults


Why Beckett?

Beckett offers options in sizing your battery pack solution:  the Stand-Alone Energy System model 8124S for single module, 24Vdc applications; and the 24Vdc Li-ion Module Model 8224S with Battery Management System / Controller Model 84BMS for higher voltage and higher capacity applications.

Read our white paper about How to build a large lithium-ion battery pack for commercialization.

See our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to common questions about our advanced energy products.

Tell us about your application as Beckett’s experienced team of experts will work closely with you.

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Technical Specification Value
Nominal Voltage 24Vdc
Maximum Energy Storage Capacity (100% DOD) 1.1kWh / 42.4Ah
Available Energy Storage Capacity (88% DOD) 950Wh / 37.3Ah
Gravimetric Energy Density – finished module 135Wh/kg
Volumetric Energy Density – finished module 153Wh/l
Voltage Range 21.0 – 28.7Vdc
Continuous Discharge Current 25.0Adc  recommended
50.0Adc maximum
Maximum Continuous Charge Current 21.2Adc
Fuse Protection 100A internal
Cell Balancing Passive resistive – automatic
Dimensions(W X D X H) 8.25 X 23.65 X 2.19 in
210 X 600 X 56 mm
Weight 17.5 lb
8.0 kg
Cycle Life
(25 C and 80% DOD)
(0.5C Charge and 0.5C Discharge Recommended)
Operating Temperature -20 to +60 degrees C charge
-40 to +60 degrees C discharge
Storage Temperature -40 to +60 degrees C
Storage Life @25 degrees C 18 months from 50% SOC to 25% SOC
Communication Ports  Serial
Compliance Standards Cell: UL1642, UN38.3,
IEC 62133
Module:  UN38.3, CE marked
Shipping UN 3480